5 Conditions Massage Therapy Can Benefit

5 Conditions Massage Therapy Can Benefit

When we think of massage, many of us know about the mental health benefits that come with it, most particularly the instant stress relief, but the benefits of massage can extend far beyond the short term. Massage has been shown to help treat a number of chronic conditions. It’s even an effective aid in treatments for some of the most serious diseases and illnesses.

At Massage By Alex in Miami, we believe that regular massage therapy is a benefit to anyone’s health and wellness. However, for some people, the effects help with such serious conditions that patients may even have a new lease on life. We provide a wide range of massage techniques and styles for our patients and we can help aid in your recovery from everything from sports injuries to the pains of working in an office, or even cancer. Here are just a few of the medical conditions that massage has been shown to benefit and the effects it has on each. Whether you’re doing it for your health or just doing it to treat yourself, trust all your massage needs to Massage by Alex.


5 Illnesses and Health Issues Benefited by Massage

Stress — One of the most easily identifiable benefits of massage is stress relief. A variety of factors help you feel more relaxed after a massage, including better blood flow and toxins being expelled from the body. The range of your stress relief could vary depending on the condition you came in. Those with more consistent aches and pains may have the most stress to relieve.

Arthritis — Massage has been shown to provide a great amount of pain relief and improved mobility for those with arthritis. It has even been shown to work with many different kinds of arthritis, even for some of the most serious conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Some benefits of massage for arthritis include improved grip strength and mobility in the joints, pain relief, and more.

Fibromyalgia — Fibromyalgia is one of the most serious conditions that massage can help with that isn’t life-threatening. Even though it is grouped with rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia isn’t considered to be an issue stemming from the joint or muscles. Rather, the conditions root cause is related to the central nervous system, the part of the body responsible for sending and receiving pain signals from the nerves to the brain. Trigger point massage is one option to best treat fibromyalgia with massage. This will help locate and address where pain is coming from. Myofascial release is also an effective method, this involves more gentle, sustained pressure on connective tissue and helps improve mobility.

Cancer — When it comes to treating cancer, massage has benefits that aid your immune system directly and ones that can help you through treatments for cancer. The direct benefits to your immune system come from the increased flow of lymph resulting from relaxed muscles. Depending on where your cancer is located, this flow of this white-blood-cell-rich fluid could help your immune system more effectively fight the cancer and its symptoms. More generally, massage therapy can help those in treatment more effectively combat pain, depression, nausea, sleep issues, and more.

Heart Health — The effects of massage on your heart health can be significant, mostly because massage therapy can help improve blood flow throughout your body, this could help reduce blood pressure, reduce pain, and relieve muscular tension. The reduced blood pressure can help lessen your chance of a heart attack and help relieve symptoms of hypertension.

Treat Your Illnesses With Massage By Alex

The next time you need to relieve your pain, reduce your stress, improve your mobility or aid your immune system, then come in for a Massage By Alex in Miami. Alex lives to serve his clients with Swedish, deep tissue, and other massages beneficial to their physical health and personal well being. Contact Alex in Miami today.